The KD Home Improvements Aesthetic, Security & Efficiency Value:

Windows and doors have a big impact on the appearance of your home so KD Home Improvements offer quality products and styles to suit any home.

KD Security & Efficiency:

KD's conservatories, windows and doors consider improved security from the introduction of anti-bump & anti-theft locking mechanisms from Yale & Mako whilst reducing your fuel bills by the inclusion of the high & environmentally efficient Pilkington Glass.

Security Measures:

  • Sholt Bolts
  • Makro & Yale Locks
  • Anti Bump Locks
  • Anti Theft Locking Mechanisms


Approved Installers:

As a CERTASS approved Installer, all our products & Installations are supported by a 10 year insuranced backed guaranteed for the product & installation assuring peace of mind for our clients.  Our products use only the leading uPVC Pilkington glass to ensure our customers receive only the best results.

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